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Audience for the Gender Training Toolkit

Facilitators for World Vision’s gender training workshops can use these Gender Training Toolkit sessions to meet Gender and Development training needs of staff in every country, at every level.

  • ADP staff will learn to use a wide variety of gender analysis tools for project assessment, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, reflection, and transition/re-design.
  • Management staff will focus on learning GAD concepts and reflect on the theological grounding for transformed gender dynamics.
  • Staff working in specific sectors such as health, HIV/AIDS, microenterprise development (MED) and education will find sessions that address implications of gender-sensitive programme design in their sector.
  • Staff dedicated to Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs (HEA), Children in Ministry, and Advocacy will find frameworks and content customised for their particular needs.

Training sessions in the Toolkit include approaches, activities and materials for increasing World Vision staff expertise in gender and development issues in a participatory learning environment. Participants discuss obstacles and challenges and are encouraged to develop innovative strategies to address these. Their experience with LEAP, Transformational Development, sectors and programming tracks informs discussions and enhances integration of GAD with World Vision’s ongoing development work.