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Watch session on How to Become PoSH Compliant in a Hybrid Mode of Working

The aim to organise this virtual masterclass was to sensitise the employer and employees about sexual harassment in the workplace, create awareness about the POSH act and understand the importance of the PoSH act in a hybrid working environment. 

Speaker: Prerna G. Chatterjee, PoSH Consultant and Advisor and Vice President, Maharashtra ASH Council, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI)


Arthan, a social enterprise, organised a session on ways to become PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) compliant in a hybrid mode of working. The session was aimed at supporting mission-driven organisations across three major domains – enabling talent, thought leadership, and capacity building – in strengthening the social impact sector in Asia through capacity building and consulting support in human capital organisational development. The speaker and expert for the session was Prerna Chatterjee, a PoSH consultant and advisor since 2015 and the Vice President of Maharashtra Anti-Sexual Harassment Council WICCI. 

Chatterjee shared her personal experience of facing sexual harassment in her early career and how there was no conversation on sexual harassment at that time. She also discussed how there are mandatory compliances that organisations need to follow to ensure PoSH compliance and how, due to the pandemic, organisations have been largely working from home or in a hybrid mode. The session aimed to generate a conversation on how to create PoSH-compliant organisations regardless of the way they work. 

The session also included two polls to understand the audience's profile and their understanding of PoSH compliance. The first poll aimed to understand if the attendees were part of the leadership team, HR and L&D team, employees, or others, while the second poll aimed to check if they were aware of the PoSH law and when it came into existence.